Sweetheart My Dream Is Not Over

Love, I dreamed that you lived in a lonely place
And we were to marry that spring
Well, I walked through your house finding nar’ a trace
Of friendliness there, not a thing
Then a bird sang out from an empty room
“Pretty girl, turn and run, do not stay
The man who lives here will cut you in two
And laugh as your blood drains away”

Ashes on daffodils
Ashes on leaves
Ashes on innocent clover
“Your nightmare’s done dear, go to sleep…”
But sweetheart my dream is not over

I met an old woman beneath the stair
She swore faith that you’d do me ill
She bid me to hide in her black pot there
And warned that I’d better keep still
Oh, you came in then, with a maiden, fair
And you killed her with barely a snap
Then chopped her in pieces, they flew everywhere
Her ring finger fell in my lap


Now I know dreams are fleeting, just melting light
Even now I forget what I’ve said
You are weary from working late every night
You can barely lift up your tired head
But I woke in screams, in need of your arms
How can you just wave that away?
And what of this ring squeezed tight in my palm
Found under our bed yesterday?


(Based on The Robber Bridegroom – Brother’s Grimm)

Jill Freeman – Vocals, Breaths, Music and Percussion Arrangements
Joel Wachbrit – Keyboards, Drum Programming, Additional Arrangements
Tommy Reeves – Wurlitzer
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Debra Dobkin – Drums & Percussion
Sara Parkins – Violin