Welcome To The Bonehouse

Welcome to the Bonehouse, grab yourself a beer
We serve at least a hundred kinds or more
Find yourself a dark place, a table in the rear
And let yourself unravel to the core

I see that you’re a minstrel, it’s glowing from your skin
There’s nothing one can hide when they’re drinking
These spirits wind down through, to illuminate within
Relax, it only feels like you are sinking

Lay em down, friend
Lay em down
Lay your bones all down in a line
Peel your skin like old clothes
Just let go, unroll, unwind

Have a bit of supper, you’re gonna need your strength
The blinded finch is great with boiled plantains
There’s someone coming later, who’ll go to any length
To steal whatever bit of you remains

Get up and dance a jig with me, as if it was your last
I’m not trying to be coy, it’s essential
Then write down all your thoughts, quickly, those future and those past
Don’t lie, don’t cheat, here’s a pencil


(Based on the character of Baba Yaga – Russian Folk Tales)

Jill Freeman – Vocals, Percussion
Joel Wachbrit – Electric Guitar, Banjo, Drum Programming, Electric Heater
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Debra Dobkin – Drums & Percussion
Tommy Reeves – Accordion
Bruce Kaplan – Evil Voice
April Hava Schenkman – Voices
Jill Freeman, Claudia Russell, Joel Wachbrit & Tommy Reeves – Backing Vocals