Walking On Glass

How did you do it, how did you manage
To walk right through it without any damage?
Must have been fear in your lovely heart
But you didn’t seem to notice
Step family gone, cottage aglow
Your fairy god mom putting on her show
Transforming everything left and right
Then whisking you off to the palace

On your way to the party did you think back through
The horrible things they’d made you do?
Year by year, did it give you the fight
To toe the line that fateful night, you went

Walking on Glass what a big brave girl
Rags all gone and hair all curled
Those glistening shards on your tiny feet
Coulda cut you to ribbons on the cobblestone street
Coulda sliced a heel or lost a toe
But you did the Reel, even Do-Si-Do’d
Walking on Glass… Walking on Glass

Scuttle ‘n scrape, peel ‘n scrub
“Do my hair, then wash the tub!
Sit in your corner with your friends the mice,
Here’s bits of last night’s supper”
They’d given you shelter and a way to be
A who you were in the world you see
A nasty, ashen little point of view
Sealed with a good, stiff clobber

Still, you faced the light when it walked right in
Like a saint, or a demon, or an alien
You didn’t run screamin’ for the backyard shed
You met the magic head to head, and went


Sip your wine, talk to the Royals
Imagine your stepsister’s backside boils
Cut your ties to that unhappy life
Take a breath, feel the tremble
Let it all go – it’s good to be humble
Honest grace becomes a prince’s wife


(Based on Cinderella – Brother’s Grimm)

Jill Freeman – Vocal
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Dave Beyer – Drums, Dumbek
Debra Dobkin – Congas, Percussion
Bob Sheppard – Bass Clarinet