The Inside Room

All is quiet
Evening shudders
Drop my line in
Secret waters
No one sees me
No one hears
All alone
With dreams and tears

Barefoot, cold rock
Drops of water
Midnight’s maiden
Heartache’s daughter
Hook, no barb
On a bamboo pole
In the deepening silence
I fish for my soul

Do you come here too?
With an ancient need?
Do you ache with a hunger
Only this will feed?
Do you then wander home
Over valleys of moon?
Bringing your catch
To the inside room

Bits of shadow
Bits of light
Lonely friends
This starry night
Not a murmur
Not a sound
Quiet now
As arms wrapped ‘round


(Based on The Fisher King – Arthurian Legend)

Jill Freeman – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Isaiah Gage – Cellos
Joel Wachbrit – Synth