No Hands

Oh gentle stranger hear my plea
Before you set your dogs on me
I stole your fruit I must confess
Your lovely tree has one pear less

Last night an angel led me here
She helped me eat one golden pear
For as you see, before you stands
A starving girl who has no hands

I have no hands to make my way
To feed myself from day to day
I have no hands with which to fight
For what is mine
For what is right

Inside me lives a haunted man
He came one day and cut off my hands
And now he dwells within my breast
He vows that I shall never rest

Each morning as I wake at dawn
He lists the things that I’ve done wrong
And though I strive from light till dark
I never seem to make a mark


Oh God, to hold a hand in mine
Watch the fingers intertwine
To feel with my own fingertips
The softness of my lover’s lips…

To dig my hands into the mud
To prick my thumb and taste the blood
One day, I swear, upon your lands
I’ll grow a pair of brand new hands


(Based on The Handless Maiden – Brother’s Grimm)

Jill Freeman – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Joel Wachbrit –Electric Guitars, Ukulele
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Debra Dobkin – Drums & Percussion
John “JT” Thomas – Wurlitzer, Hammond B3
Lynn Fanelli & Joel Wachbrit – Backing Vocals