Letters From Murdertown

Dark gray, beaten down
Tires and rust , drunken clowns
Winding streets of lost and found

Dope fiends, dancing bears
Crooks who’ll take you unawares
Crying kids with silent stares

I miss my home of origin
That dusty cornered land of sin
Where good and evil all mix in
Cotton candy, bathtub gin

So if you see me smiling
All wistful and beguiling
You’ll know my heart is filing
Letters from Murdertown
Letters from Murdertown
Letters from Murdertown
Letters from Murdertown

Whispers, behind barn doors
Shadows off to midnight chores
Babies curled on unwashed floors

War torn, tender hearts
Broken souls in bits and parts
Pinned like jewels on necks of tarts

I’m going home where I belong
Where revelers dance in murderous throng
In dim lamplight I’ll raise my song
To feelings deep, to passions strong


Jill Freeman – Vocals, Nylon String Guitar
Joel Wachbrit – Electric Guitars
Tommy Reeves – Accordion
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Debra Dobkin – Drums & Percussion
Mike Nelson – Clarinet