Eyes of Fire

You make me toil – impossible
You break me like a stone
You spread your night across my falling day
I sleep alone
I moan and fret the frightful tasks
I pray into my hands
That strength and sight together might
Accomplish your demands

There is no place where I can run
There is no sweet way home
No cake or milk or morning sun
That warm old nest is gone
Now only forest, only dark
And you, so wild and cold
Oh lowly screeching dancing bark
My destiny you hold

Witch, wild and terrible
Stitched of many parts
Cruel kind banshee
Heart of hearts
Crazy wisdom ancestor
Pit of my desire
Grant me your blessings
Give me eyes of fire
Eyes of fire
Eyes of fire

I shake and tremble through the night
I huddle with my doll
Wake and stumble past your sight
Speak no word at all
The doll she whispers in my ear
When moon and stars are high
“Show her right respect and fear,
For Death lives in her eye!”

I need a fire that cuts the black
And guides me through the trees
I need a fire to guard my back
And tell me what it sees
A flame that feeds the deepest needs
And warms my will to know
I’ll burn my past to find the path that
Only you can show


(Based on Vasalisa – Russian Folk Tale)

Jill Freeman – Vocals, Cheese Grater, Shovel, Samples
Joel Wachbrit – Electric Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Melodica, Tremoloa
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Debra Dobkin – Drums & Percussion
Mike Nelson – Baritone & Tenor Saxes
George Landress – Harmonium, Additional Percussion
Candy Girard – Violin
Jill Freeman, Dianne Miller & Joel Wachbrit – Backing vocals