Completely Unaware

He sits upon a diamond throne
Loved, revered, and all alone
Bright as sunlight, sad as stone
Wishing the pain would lessen

If Dorothy knew she’d surely weep
The Tin Man’s rust would run neck deep
And Lion’s roar would ring the keep
But he makes no confession

He longs for open, slow-houred days
For endless fields of evening haze
For laughing crows he cannot scare
Their insults now he’d truly bear
To be Completely Unaware

Where once his empty brain was clear
It now was strained with stabbing fear
And jabbing, poking thoughts – a tear
Rolls down his blank expression

The Wizard placed pins in his head
“Now, this will make you sharp!” he’d said
And so began what finally lead
To Scarecrow’s great depression


To be a hollow-headed fool
Not knowing emeralds from a mule
To wave and flap in breezy air
A burlap sack without a care
To be Completely Unaware

The smartest guy in all of Oz
Is taking off the day because
He has no time to make the laws
He’s dealing with his blessing

(Based on The Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum)

Jill Freeman – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Joel Wachbrit – Electric Guitars, Percussion
Steve Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Robert Perkins – Drums
Debra Dobkin – Percussion
Tommy Reeves – Keyboards
John Fumo – Trumpets
Claudia Russell – Backing Vocals
Eclipse String Quartet:
Sara Parkins – Violin
Sarah Thornblade – Violin
Alma Lisa Fernandez – Viola
Maggie Parkins – Cello
Strings arranged by Jack Van Zandt